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Soil analysis


This service is offered in order to know the basics of your soil. Such information is essential to bring the appropriate corrections according to the culture you intend to try. Having your soil analyzed is the first step to any successful gardening !

Our proposed analysis will give the following data:
Ph water - Ph Kcl - CEC - Organic matter - total active limestone - N - P - K - Mg - Ca and C/N .
Why have your soil analysed ?
Ultimately, your soil should be analyzed to know if it is fertile to grow specific plants.
Soil fertility is linked to many factors: humus, texture, acidity, nutrient elements such as nitrate, phosphorous, potash and calcium.

With a proper soil analysis, you can correct any deficiency :

  • Fertility can be improved
  • Future fertilizing can be adapted to specific soil conditions
  • Adapt your culture according to your soil specifics

When should you dot it ?
Either in fall or early spring, or in the following events :

1.When you decide to plant new species that could demand specific soil conditions; also when your soil conditions are risky, to protect your new investments !
2.For those who want to regulate in a sensible, eco-friendly way, their fertilization schedule. Correcting a problem without creating a new one.
3.To help solve a specific culture problem such as: weak growth, unexplained shrivelling, weak crop … A proper analysis will help find the right answers. It will also be in many cases, the key to find the solutions !

See you soon!