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‘Tom Thumb’ is an interesting, very dwarf, very dense and compact ground cover-type shrub. It has a unique appeal because of its very shiny, tiny leaves that turn a brilliant red-crimson in the autumn. It rarely produces flowers and fruit, but when it occurs the blooms are small, pinkish-white. Then the very small, red fruits follow. This cotoneaster spreads by rooting in where the branches touch the soil. Resistant to de-icing salt. Perfect for rock gardens.

Zone: 5
Common name: tom thumb cotoneater
Fall Foliage: red
Height: 0,3m
Width: 0,6m
Exposure: sun
Flower: pinkish white
Flowering period : spring
Fruiting period: red
Fragrance : no fragrance
Growth rate: slow
Protection: sheltered
Type of soil: any type, well drained; resistant to dryness.
Hardiness zone / Map: 5

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